Breaking Reactive Management Cycles

August 23, 2016

Does your company’s OSHA recordable rate, quality, efficiency, or scrap results look like the rolling hills of a country landscape?

Such a trend is indicative of a company suffering from what we at Prevention First call the Reactive Management Cycle.

Basically, what we are referring to is the practice of reacting when a serious incident or outage occurs or metrics are worse than they should be. 


The reaction?  Urgent focus and resources are given.  A great deal of time and energy can be directed at the problem - often times without really knowing if the actual causes have been identified.  But, when improvement is achieved for a period of time the focus and resources are withdrawn, leading to a cycle of repeated performance issues.  Of course this approach is no only applied to safety.  Organizations can be observed using the same reactive management approaches in many area of their business.


This problem can only be corrected by including the stakeholders and integrating their respective disciplines into one interconnected and interdependent process. 


Contact us to discuss just how this management process can be implemented at your company!

Break the cycle today!

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