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August 8, 2016

With the advent of e-learning options, training has no doubt become more engaging for learners.  But is all e-learning created equally?


Consider your own experiences as a trainee.  Have you ever sat through a "canned" training video that takes place in an oil refinery, even though you were starting a job at a distribution center?    The safety training I've seen (and even used early in my career) fits this description.  Not only was it dry in content, the setting mismatch was a distraction to the learner.  I'd say the same about the twenty-five-year-old sexual harassment training (you've no doubt seen) where the clothing styles draw more attention than the training content.  Video is not the only training medium to suffer from this content mismatch.


The truth is the learning objectives in most training don't change much over time.  For example, most safety regulatory training is the same today as it was ten years ago.


Sure, it's easier to sign on to one of the many e-learning content providers and enroll in services that offer the "canned" training approach.  But there is a better approach!


Custom e-learning developed for your company offers several key advantages, including:

  • Branding.  Your brand being displayed communicates the value your company places on training (and therefore your employees)

  • Messaging.  Custom training communicates your company culture, vision and mission

  • Content.  Should the content need to change it is easier and less time consuming to do so

  • Fresh.  Even when the content doesn't change the engagements, quizzes and templates can be changed periodically to keep the training appealing and relevant - no bell-bottoms!

  • Targeted.  Custom courses can be developed to target the likes of your employee demographic

  • Future focused.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics by 2020 46% of the workforce will be filled by tech savvy, digitally driven millennials  

Visit us for more on custom e-learning here



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