The Certified Medical Management Safety Specialist (CMMSS)

The Certified Medical Management Safety Specialist designation is the first of its kind - the  Gold Standard in Continuing Education for Athletic Trainers currently in, or servicing the business and industry sector - or those contemplating it!
There is tremendous opportunity in business and industry as only about 3% of Athletic Trainers currently work in the industry sector. 

This twelve module course provides a basic understanding in some of the most critical safety regulations and their required programs, allowing you to become a "Safety Extender."  As a CMMSS you are an invaluable partner in risk reduction in business and industry.

You'll learn how to develop and implement a process-based approach that is fully integrated - stressing the roles and responsibilities of your key business and industry partners (Safety, Human Resources, Operations and Health Services).
Armed with your new knowledge - you'll not only be an integral part in reducing overall risk and improving health and safety, you'll be a leader! 

We know our integrated approach works - our leaders have been succeeding with it for decades!  You will achieve better results - and they will be sustainable!
Once the course and Practical Exercises are completed, and you receive your certification, you will be free to use the Associate Medical Management Safety Specialist (AMMSS) or Certified Medical Management Safety Specialist (CMMSS) designation.  YOU will have the ONLY designation that speaks to the unique needs of business and industry - and YOU will have the skills necessary to succeed!
*An Associate Medical Management Safety Specialist designation is also be available and includes training modules 1 - 9 (13 CEUs).
Two Step Course Overview:


STEP ONE: Complete the online course
   1. The Onsite Health Professionals Role in Safety
   2. Lockout / Tagout - Affected Level Training
   3. Hazard Communication - the "Right to Know"
   4. Bloodborne Pathogens in Industry
   5. Personal Protective Equipment
   6. Occupational Injury and Illness Investigation
   7. Understanding the Integrated Approach
   8. The Proactive Approach to Workforce Development
   9. Foundations of Onsite Medical Management
 10. Care and Treatment Considerations
 11. Evidence Based Intervention in Ergonomics
 12. Measuring Results - Meaningful Metric Development


*Complete, scan and return the CMMSS Practical Exercise Manual.

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*This course is currently considered Category D training by the BOC

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