"It All Starts with Training"

"It All Starts with Training"

Prevention First offers the services your company needs to determine the correct curriculum, develop engaging and effective online training, and manage its online presence using our feature-rich and dynamic Learning Management System (LMS).

We believe:

  • The success of every business depends on its people. 

  • The success of people depends on knowledge

  • Knowledge is gained by providing effective training. 

  • Prevention First offers the services your company needs to determine the correct curriculum, develop engaging and effective training, and manage its online presence.


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Take a look at a sample of our new browser integrated design!  This approach to training and information sharing is clean and user-friendly,

Frank Dillon -Private Eye

"End of an Era"

A short but fun demonstration of how presentation method and graphics can make learning fun and engaging.

Bloodborne Pathogens

(For demonstration only)

For those of you who want a look at a more serious topic,  here is a small sample of Bloodborne Pathogens training.

So, what are we preventing anyway?

Every company on this planet faces issues on a daily basis.  From downtime, quality and safety issues - to human resources, invetory and morale issues.  One of the most legitimately cited reasons for these "problems" is ineffective training.  Effective and engaging training is not only a way to prevent these things, it increases your bottom line!

How can your company benefit?

Better training results in:

  • Reduced scrap

  • Fewer injury incidents

  • More consistent / higher quality

  • Faster fill rate

  • Less down time

  • Better customer service

  • Higher morale

  • Less turnover

  • Increased involvement

  • More effective communication

  • Time for managers to manage

  • Risk reduction

  • Problem solving competence

  • Satisfied customers

  • Increased bottom line!

What does Prevention First offer?

Prevention First offers a host of services to drastically improve your training programs, including:

  • Interactive training development that incorporates your branding (logo and colors)

  • Training process and Curriculum Development Strategies

  • Basic OSHA interactive training

  • A complete Learning Management (LMS) hosting solution

  • CMMSS training

What else can your company use development services for?

Interactive content can be used for all sorts of things.

  • Contractor and visitor training

  • Virtual tours

  • Product instruction "manuals"

  • Staff introduction presentations

  • Company history presentations

...to name a few.

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